The ClubSport Wheel Base V2 - Servo Power and multi platform



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    Hello, I bought a premium package sports club there one year and I still have 1 year warranty.
    I have had 5 back to the support in Germany, each time with the engine and burned issues Quick release.
    Can not play + an hour without its crashes.
    This week he went to the support with the same problems for the sixth time.
    Expect to get an upgrade from my base or base exchange with a v2.
    V2 base has nothing special but corrects the problems of v1 only. (motor burned and quick release modified)
    500e pay for an upgrade is unacceptable.
  • The day has come and I am proud to show you the brand new ClubSport Wheel Base V2.

    waiting for my email

    Although it looks familiar to you it has almost no part which has not been modified or replaced to make it a better base.

    Our focus was durability, durability, durability and then performance.  And while we made a radical re-design, we decided to make an offer nobody can refuse.

    The smoothness, vividness and precision of a Direct Drive wheel combined with a torque increase of about 75% and (optional) compatibility to the latest gaming consoles.  And all that with a moderate price increase.

    Here are the details:

    7 Ultra Precise

    We replaced the optical sensor with two magnetic high resolution hall sensors mounted on both the motor and the steering axis. The new sensors have double the resolution and the magnetic sensore are less vulnerable to dust or scratched code discs.

    6 Smoothastic

    The cogging of this system cannot be felt by a human anymore. It is incredible smooth and feels natural and realistic. It is on par or better with the best and most expensive wheel out there although those wheels costs a multiple of the CSW B V2.

    Every little bump can be felt and effects which were filtered by the wheel mechanics can now be felt. Your racing simulations will feel different and new to you.

    5 Rock Solid

    Our focus was to achieve high durability even for hardcore users.
    •    Improved QR release with rubber o-ring and less tolerance in production
    •    A brushless motor which can be cooled much easier as it gets hot on the outside and not on the inside so heat can be transfered better
    •    New cooling system featuring an additional fan on the backside right behind the new huge heat sink
    •    Integrated heat sensor inside the motor
    •    Motor can now even be operated at 180 C° although the FOR overclocking would be de-activated already at 120 C° and FF would shut down at 130°C. The motor has plenty of power so most people will not use max settings anyway. And during betatests it never happened that a motor was shut down or the FF was cut due to overheating.
    •    Ball bearings on the motor axis and bigger ball bearings inside the pulleys so we can increase the belt tension and avoid any belt slip. At the same time we have much less drag in the system.
    •    Magnetic sensors instead of the optical so we avoid problems with dust and scratches
    •    New main cable
    •    New electronics
    •    And many other small improvements to the overall build quality

    4 Power. A lot.

    The new motor is custom designed and exclusive to Fanatec. Although the gear ratio has been changed to increase the rotation speed, it delivers about 75% more torque than the CSW B V1. This means over 7 NM of sheer
    power and this is enough to use even heavy rims with no disadvantages. The size of the power supply has also increased in order to feed the big motor.

    3 Brushless Servo

    A brushless servo motor is currently state-of-the-art for force feedback systems and in principle this is exactly the same motor as the most expensive direct drive base units out there.
    •    Smooth performance with no cogging (in combination with our Poly-V belt drive system or direct drive)
    •    Easier to cool as the heat is on the outside of the motor and not on the motor shaft
    •    Strong axis with ball bearings
    •    Optimized for use in stall at max power
    •    Fast acceleration
    •    More efficiency -> more torque with same power

    We had to develop entire new electronics for that motor as the motor
    driver is quite complex. Now that it is done we can easily use it for smaller brushless motors or a direct drive wheel.

    2 Next Generation

    The ClubSport Wheel Base V2 is the next generation of ourwheel base but there is also a strong demand of wheels for “Next-Gen” consoles. People were asking us to make their wheels compatible to the Xbox One and Playstation 4  but if we want to make it official and legal then we need to follow the rules of the console makers and they clearly do not allow

    So how can we make a product where there is a chance that the customer can keep at least most of the equipment he purchased? We can easily make the pedals, shifters and handbrake compatible and this is what we did but what about the base unit?

    And how can we make a product multi-platform compatible if we can only get approval for a license if the product has only the symbols of either one console on it?

    We came up with an idea which brings modularity to a whole new level and protects your investment. If you play on PC then just go ahead and purchase the wheel base as it is and you will not be bothered with symbols which might hurt your eye.

    But if you want to enjoy the painless simplicity of a console with its great exclusive racing simulations then you will get the option to buy an optional steering wheel which will
    add full console compatibility to this base.

    We want to achieve compatibility to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we are happy to announce that we already signed a contract with one of them. We will announce this product at the end of this year.

    There will be multiple steering wheels available in different price ranges and they will compatible to several Fanatec base units from mid-range to direct drive.

    1 By Invitation Only

    The great response we get from our beta testers lead us to the conclusion that the demand for this product will be much bigger than the supply. Production output will be lower as before as we spend even more time on quality control and testing.

    At the same time we want to honor the loyalty of our existing customers and want to offer a special pre-order discount for the owners of the current ClubSport and CSR Elite base so that they can enjoy a little upgrade advantage.

    This is how it works:
    •    We will send an e-mail to our webshop customers with an invite code. There will be several waves of e-mails in the next months. 
    •    Only after you entered the code to your profile page you will be able to purchase or pre-order this product
    •    After you purchased one V2 base you will receive a second code. You can give that to a friend or buy a second base.
     Only one code will be given with a purchase as we want to avoid that people are selling their products or invites on eBay and make money with it.
    •    We will also give away invites in giveaway events so frequent followers of the blog or Facebook will also get a chance to get an invite

    This is the priority we will use for the invites to make it as fair and transparent as possible.
    1.    Webshop customers of the CSW B V1 and CSR E (sorted by purchase date)
    2.    Webshop customers of other ClubSport products like CSP or CSS
    3.    All other Fanatec customers

    Of course we will treat all territories with the same priority.

    Not every customer will use his invite so go ahead and ask your friends if they use their invite of if they give it to you in case you are not on the list yet. It is possible and welcome to transfer invite codes.

    Please do not ask our sales team for invites. They are not authorized to give out codes anyway. If it is your turn then you will get an e-mail. We will open a thread in our forum which explains more details and where you can also ask for invites from other members.

    By the way, all lucky customers who placed a pre-order for the old V1 base just got a free upgrade to V2 and they are the first to receive the new product.

    The Price

    Pre-order price:
    EU: 499,95
    USA: 499,95
    AUS: 655
    J: 65.000

    Regular price:
    EU: 599,95
    USA: 599,95
    AUS: 785
    J: 78.000

    Prices are calculated different in the regions depending on taxes, laws, logistic costs and other local costs.


    We started production this week and as soon as we start shipping, we will open the pre-orders for the invited guests. The first products should arrive at the end of September or early October.

  • waiting for email the money is burning a hole in my pocket
  • Hallo Thomas und Team, 

    das Warten hat ein Ende. Das Produkt und die Vorgehensweise ist ausgezeichnet und ich freue mich die neue Wheelbase zu bestellen. Vor allem freut mich, dass die Bestandskunden bevorzugt werden.

    Auch über den Quickrelease für Konsolenspieler freue ich mich sehr und werde entsprechende Lenkräder dazu kaufen (jedenfalls für die XBOX ONE). 

    Ein großes Lob an Dich und Dein Team
    Viele Grüße, 
    PS. eine Frage, hoffe dass die Verbindung wireless zu der XBOX ONE funktioniert
  • Well, I'm in the second group of people having bought the CSPV2. Cannot wait till I get that e-mail! I bought the TX wheel recently and it continually overheated and shut down. Took it back, got a full refund and have the $$ sitting there waiting and hoping for this exact announcement. =D hope the base lives up to the hype.
    Interesting about the TX problems. However while there may be nothing fool proof as far as possible defects from factory I see these upgrades as addressing the main issues with the v1 base and yes I agree with Thomas that we will see more durability in the v2
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    Excited to get something that doesn't have that plastic feel!

    See just how solid it is.
  • Also ich muss dazu sagen ich bin eher Enttäuscht über diese Informationspolitik, wieso habt ihr damit nicht bis Ende des Jahres gewartet? Bis alle Fakten fest stehen.

    Als ich gestern bei eurem Support angerufen habe und wissen wollte wie das jetzt mit meinem CSW V1 weitergeht (gekauft im März 2013, mit Rim und Pedals für 900 euro) weil ich den Text in English nicht richtig verstehe der gestern im Blog veröffentlicht wurde, bekam ich als Antwort: Oh den hab ich noch gar nicht gelesen.

    Nachdem ich in der Warte schleife hing und der Kollege Infos eingeholt hatte, war ich genau so schlau wie vorher, mir wurde lediglich gesagt es wird zu gegebener Zeit Infos geben.

    Hallo??  Ich weis bis heute nicht ob ich zwingend die V2 und ein spezielles Rim für die PS4 brauchen werde oder obs eine neue Rim tun wird, ob das ganze Paket, ob jetzt V1 oder V2 überhaubt für die PS 4 tauglich sein wird, hab ich ehrlich gesagt bisher auch nicht geschnallt.

    Ich hab mich die Tage gefreut wie Bolle als der Countdown bei FB runterlief, aber nach dem Tag gestern bin ich mehr verwirrt als je zuvor.

    Ich persönlich werde jedenfalls garnix vorbestellen solange da nicht handfeste Fakten auf den Tisch kommen welche Hardware für welche Konsole zu 100% tauglich sein wird.

  • But I really hope that you can confirm compatibility for PS4 and XBONE soon or at least inform us with which company Fanatec has already managed to sign a contract with
    It's a valid point. I can imagine it would be frustrating to get this if you have PC and PS4 only to find Xbox is the console with first compatibility, or vice versa
  • Can't wait for my V2 Base to arrive! 

    Ordered the V1 last week and received an email to say i would be sent a V2 unit as the V1 is superseeded.

    Great service!
    Wow. So if I did order a CSW last week instead of looking at this **** blog and deciding to wait, I'd be first in line?

    Now I'm stuck with this shitty PWTS for months instead. Great. Just great. >:P
    Ya i guess so.

    Luck of the draw sometimes man, i have been on the fence for months, but my GT3RSv2 packed up last monday so i preordered on Tues evening. Just lucky that they are sending me a V2 Base!

    Things like this usually don't happen to me. I am the guy who would have bought a V1 unknowing that a v2 was round the corner, which is exactly what i did!!

    Looking forward to it! Also got the Carbon Formula Rim on route and the v2 pedals... 
  • does anyone got a code yet?
  • Hello,

    Thomas if you can answer for two my questions.
    Is the front panel is identical to V1? Are my DSD CSW Panels will also fit to the new base?
    Did the codes will have expiry date?
    I bought my base 3 months ago so it's no reason to change it now, but in the future... maybe.

    Best regards
  • Owner of a Porsche 911 GT2 Wheel, shifters and plastic pedals since june 2011. I Changed my pedals for CSR Pedals in february 2013. I'll be glad if I receive one of these code :))
  • Looking for anyone that recieves an invite, but not going to use it, I would love to have your invite.
  • Hallo liebes Fanatec-Team,
    sieht wirklich sehr gut aus die Base. Ich habe die CSW Base vor einem Jahr privat gekauft, daher bin ich bei Euch nicht bekannt, blöd gelaufen für mich. :((
    Die alte Base hat mich schon überzeugt, aber die neue erst Recht, hoffentlich habe ich Glück und bekomme hier einen Code ab. ;)

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    Dear Thomas & Team, 
    From the first picture you showed on your website and facebook have been waiting to see the next day a new clue and thinking it was one less day to see your new steering wheel (base) 8->. I think your a great new product success  :)>-  and although the economic situation is not to waste money I decided to buy this new base to get it but I had to sell my CSR Elite and some other product, have sold really easily but the price is very tight, but I got enough to buy the base V2 and some cheap ring :)>- . I am now waiting for me to get my invitation to purchase V2 and am a little nervous to not have any problem to receive it :-SS  but as you wrote in the blog have bought a CSR E'm in the first group  L-) . 

    Waiting for your invitation  Regards Fran.

  • Hello. I want to buy!
  • Arraived Today...My set of CSP V2. I´m in love :)

    Thank you Thomas/Fanatec!!!


  • Hello Thomas

    I am waiting for my invitation for buy my new clubsport base wheel V2 , I am an old fanatec customer.

    Thanks a lot

    Wait for answer

  • A question on the invite system.

    I still have my CSRE which I purchased from an online retailer here in Australia, in the days before Fanatec had an Australian Webshop.

    So Im guessing that even though I bought a CSRE I wont be entitled to get a code because I didnt buy it from Fanatec Direct.
  • Hallo Fanatec-Team,

    neben meinem Dank an Johannes Kirsch (tech. support) für seine schnelle Hilfe/Antworten zu meinen Forza CSR Problemen, hier meine Gratulation zu der neuen Clubsport Wheelbase V2!!

    Sieht toll aus und die Features/Verbesserungen lesen sich großartig!!

    Hoffe inständig, vielleicht ja auch als (nur) Besitzer eines Forza CSR + Elite Ped. eine kleine Chance auf einen eurer Promocodes zu bekommen!? :-/  MUSS ICH HABEN die neue Wheelbase V2!! :x

    Thx in advance!!

  • ^:)^ Großes Kino.......Ich hoffe natürlich auch auf Post von Thomas......Nicht nur aufgrund der Neuigkeiten um die Base V2...sondern auch aus dem Grunde, dass auf den neuen Konsolen ohnehin neue Hardware genutzt werden muss. Ich will nicht gezwungen sein zu TM zu wechseln um PCars zu nutzen. Ich bin bisher mehr als zufrieden mit meinen Fanatec-Produkten. Ergo kanns für mich nur darum gehen auch künftig eure sensationelle Hardware nutzen zu dürfen. Auch wenn ich kein Besitzer der V1-Base bin, hoffe ich auf eine E-Mail!!!!  Die V-R-C-Comm wird es Euch auch danken!!!
    Danke an alle anderen Voter für den Support auf der PS4.....Es muss einfach was werden mit der PS4!

  • Hi Thomas,
    Is there going to be an expiration limit on the codes. For example when I receive my second code, how long will I have to redeem it? It could take some time for myself or a friend to save up the additional funds for a second unit. Also, I didn't see a price listed for the console compatible wheels.I already have the CS pedals and seq shifter. I would like to plan a budget for the wheel and base. Thanks.
  • Arraived Today...My set of CSP V2. I´m in love :)

    Thank you Thomas/Fanatec!!!


    What brand of cockpit is that?
  • Hey thomas where is my invite.. I have 2 V1. I check my order history i'm one of the first who pre order the v1. Don't forget me.. Bye
  • Have any invites been sent out yet or is it too early?
  • i need a code! pleaseee!!! 

  • Arraived Today...My set of CSP V2. I´m in love :)

    Thank you Thomas/Fanatec!!!


    What brand of cockpit is that?

    Rseat RS1
  • Still no mention of Xbox 360 compatibility? Can anyone confirm/deny if a suitable rim will be released for use with the 360? With Forza Horizon 2 still scheduled, not to mention Forza 4 (and 3-my favourite), F1 2014, and GRID Autosport, I think there would be a decent market for such a rim, not to mention the fact it might make the CSW V2 more attractive to those yet to take the step into the 'next gen'.

    I will post this in the CSW V2 review blog as well and hope for a positive outcome :)

  • I bought csr elite on 5-18-12 and a csw on 11-17-13. Has anyone received email with purchase dates close to these? Wondering if I am close to receiving email.
  • I assume there's no codes for anyone yet :s  I'm sure people would be shouting with excitement if they had one :)
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