PC platform f1 2020 podium button module endurance data help

Hello folks,

Im a new fanatec customer and need a bit of help enabling itm data in F1 2020 on the podium button module endurance

I can get the LEDs to work and the speed shows up on the legacy page, but no gear indication even tho i have speed disabled and gear set to constant in fanalab.

In ACC ive had no issues, everything works as expected

My system is:

PC windows 10 64 bit

DD1, podium shifters, podium button module endurance, podium hub

PC driver 373, WBFW 674, WBMFW 40, STFW 13, PHFW 3

Fanalab V1.47B

F1 2020 telemetry settings:

D box off

fanatec led on

sli pro led off

udp tel on

udp broadcast on

udp port 20888

udp send rate 30hz

udp format 2020

telemetry public

Fanalab settings,

enable telemtry true

fanalab game led/hardware support enabled

udp port 20888

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

if any additional info is needed let me know and ill provide


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