Difference between Podium, ClubSport and CS wheels on a Podium wheelbase?

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I am about to make the jump into the Fanatec world and I am struggling with the different wheels.

My intention is to get the Podium Racing Wheel F1 PC/ PS4 bundle. First I will use it on a PS4 and then later on a PC when I will upgrade my PC (hence why I am choosing the PC/PS4 compatibility of the DD). In this bundle the Podium Racing Wheels F1 is already included.

I would like however to also have "regular/ GT" wheel but I am struggling to understand if I can only use the Podium wheels with my Podium wheelbase or if I can also use the Clubsport or the CS wheels. And if yes, then what are the differences between a Podium wheel and a Clubsport or CS wheel when used with the Podium wheel base on a PS4 (or on a PC)

Thanks for your help!


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