New setup CSL Elite without LC

I have a just joined the fanatec racers & got a cal elite with non LC pedals.

I am using the firmware 672 /22 ( comes on my wheel each time I turn it on)

Pc driver 373

Now when I go into the windows program to setup my wheel & I calibrate my pedals I set it so i dont need to fully press on the brakes to get max & it seems to be ok in the windows app.

Now when I go into ACC on the PS4 & turn on the gears/ brake widget I can see the response, the 1st time I press the brakes low force I get the brakes bar to fill up completely perfect this is what I want to be able to get max braking without full force.

Now if I press the brakes again but harder full down on the sponge (still on the ps4) I again get the bar to fill up completely ok as expected.

Now if I press the brakes as I did the very 1st time I now only get 1/2 or less the brakes . It's like the brakes recalibrate each time I press harder & don't remember the settings saved on the pc.

The PS4 is recalibrating each time you press hard on the brakes

Am I doing something wrong ?


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