Order stuck in warehouse processing for 3 weeks

I have placed an order on august 10th and received 2 emails telling me my order was in warehouse processing. I got one on august 14th and one on august 19th. and ever since. nothing. No tracking number no news. Nothing in the spam folder. I write to sales using the web form, I get an automated email and of course...no reply.

What is going on? Why can't I talk to someone to get answers? It can't take 3 weeks for someone to put a stickers on 3 box and give the box to the delivery service guy. It can't take 7 days to answer to emails.

Frankly this is unacceptable. I ordered sim racing equipment from much smaller companies and I have received my product in under 3 days.

If your support team is too busy, it might be because the delivery service is wrong and every single customer need to spam support to get answers.


  • Hi Sylvain,

    A three week delay for Canada is unfortunately normal at the moment. It is likely that your order shipped some time ago, but you have not received updates to tracking information. This is also unfortunately normal, and not directly under our control.

    Please be patient, I'm sure you will receive your order soon.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi Dominic, thanks for the information. Can you confirm that my order was shipped out of your warehouse. I can understand that once the order is in the hands of the delivery service it is out of your control, but I have not received confirmation from Fanatec if my order is on the way or not. I just want to make sure that my order is out of the warehouse. Without this confirmation it just feels like my order is sitting one a desk somewhere not being processed.


  • Hi Sylvain,

    A three week delay for Canada is unfortunately just the start of the worst customer service you will ever experience. This company does not care.

    Your order has most likely not shipped, a label was just created to give you the appearance of movement, maybe attached to a box and is now sitting in a warehouse in california going no where. You will not receive any useful or truthful communication from Fanatec, just excuses and misinformation. Your best chance to stay informed is follow USPS and Canada post tracking when you get your tracking numbers from Sudah Logistics. The Fanatec site is completely useless to help customers, even when you submit a support request the response takes forever if at all, and the info provided is out of date or wrong.

    I ordered May 29th and got my final package July 22nd to give you an idea of the timeline I had to endure without any customer support. I ordered in stock items that were ready to ship and the orders were processed within one day. Two of my packages sat in the warehouse in LA for more than 33 days. Once they left the warehouse it took about about 14 days.

    Even after that they found a way to to make their customer service worse even after you finally receive what you ordered. The warranty for the product starts the day you order the product, so while you are waiting and wondering whether you will actually ever receive anything from Fanatec the warranty clock is ticking. While the product sits in a warehouse and you are not using it, your warranty is being consumed.

    I filled out a support request through my Fanatec product page August 11th to have my warranty start date changed to July 22 the day I received the product. I of course did not get any response for and extended period of time and then today I finally got a response after 22 days. I hope I never have to use the warranty because I can only imagine what that experience would be like.

    The CEO is a clown and the company does not care about customer service, they take your money immediately and provide no support after that.

  • This is awful! I should have ordered from simulation1 in canada and pay the extra cost they charge to get my gear in the same week. I have heard Fanatec support was bad but experiencing it takes on to another level. This blows my mind.

  • I highly recommend Simulation 1, I have bought everything else through them without any issues.

    They answer the phone and are very helpful to make sure you get everything you need. If it is in stock they ship same day.

    The extra cost is negligible considering the horrible customer service from Fanatec and their Bozo CEO list of excuses.

  • I'll try to get this order cancelled and go with simulation1... but that might be a difficult fight.

  • As it turns out, it was shipped after all. I have no tracking number to track my shipment but somehow I just received my pedals.

    I am shocked. Where is the information for my tracking number?

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