Faulty product on arrival and still heard nothing after around 3 weeks. How do I get a reply?

I’ve been waiting on a reply from a support ticket I raised since 14th of August after my brand new CSL Elite PS4 arrived faulty. I included videos of the issue too as I hoped this would speed the process up. Why have I not received a response? Other threads say response times are up to 7 days but I’ve been waiting nearly 3 weeks

I don’t want a refund, I just want a product that works. I’m so close to contacting my credit card company to get a refund as I’ve run out options and patience. Coronavirus or not, I don’t think “complete silence” is an acceptable way to treat customers given the premium you charge for your products.

Can this please be investigated so I can spend more time racing and less time filling in credit card refund forms?


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