Warranty expires while you wait to receive your order

For those waiting in the dark for shipments of products you have ordered from Fanatec you may be interested to know your warranty on the product you have paid for but not received is expiring while you wait. The warranty starts when they process your order.


  • Yep...I don't think its right to do that. Once things are stable I dont see a problem with starting as soon as the order is processed but with the delays...they should be working WITH the customer not AGAINST! We are the reason they can do what they do!

  • K BarrettK Barrett Member
    edited September 2020

    I agree my item arrived 5 days after my order & i lost 5 days warranty, this can't be legal can you imagine if the delivery was delayed for a two weeks .

    Your warranty should start the day your item is delivered not before.

    No we don't understand your logic this needs to be sorted fast

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