ClubSport Wheel Formula V2 LED XBOX

Hi,I just bought a fanatec kit

CSL elite wheel base v1.1

CSL elite pedal with LC

and ....

ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2

my first question is can i do an update with fanalab on my computer and put it on my xbox one to make work the REDLED and all the stuff..

My second question is will the new xbox Series X run REDLEDs or we don't know yet...

i think im gonna switch on PC ...ahah


  • Maurice BöschenMaurice Böschen Member, CSL E RP1 PS4 beta tester, RMcL BT, CS SWFORM V2 Beta test, DD Beta Tester, PHub Beta Tester, P BME beta tester

    The Xbox does not support LEDs so no, there is currently no way to get the LEDs working on Xbox. Same For XSX.

    Also everything you adjust within FanaLab for a CSL E v1.1 and Formula v2 wheel is stored in a profile withing FanaLab, not the base or wheel so you cant take over anything to console.

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