(HELP ISSUE) Universal Hub wobbles at V2.5 Wheelbase Axle

Hi there,

I'm just wondering if anyone has had this same issue or can offer any help or guidance.

Having only just put all of my new gear to my new rig and testing it out I started to notice a 'wobbling' sensation, at first I thought it was part of my rig but after checking everything I finally located it to where the Universal Hub clamps onto my V2.5 wheelbase axle. I have checked the connection and it is fully on properly, but the feeling is like it is not fully connected and that it's not on tight, it noticably feels like it moves under pressure or force, even light wobbling of the wheel and you can feel it.

Is this a faulty hub? Or is it a faulty wheelbase axle? If anyone can offer any advise it would be very much appreciated. I have included a photo for reference to the location I'm trying to describe.


  • Just put that bolt/screw on which tightens that connection. I have used that always with all my wheels/hubs. None of them has been tight enough without that bolt, maybe new F1 2020 LM wheel is only exception which not have wobble almost at all.

  • There can be a small amount of play due to the tolerances of the QR system, and this is improved with the bolt in some cases. If you feel like there is an excessive amount of play, please create a support ticket with a video and the team will be able to assist.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

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