New CSL Elite PS4 stuck in endless loop of self calibrating

Hay, I have a problem with brand new CSL Elite PS4 Starter Kit (0 playing hours). After instaling it on desk I did driver/firmware update via PC (as suggested in manual). First I install driver v328 from site, later I try with v377 from forum.

After installing (program says firmware install successfully), wheel is in endless loop of self calibrating. It stops mid calibrating (three blinking „r“ shown on wheel display) then start all over, and over, and over,...

Same time wheel is one second connected to PC next second is disconected. I try base reset (10sec power button holding) - it didn't help. Try connecting to PS4 but console don't recognize wheel.

This morning I send massage with video attach thru Fanatec support web page but I didn't recevied confirmation e-mail that massage is received.☹️

Please help. Thank you.

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