DD1 Base is no longer recognized after changing to Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R

I have the following problem: I am using a Fanatec Base DD1 (PS4) with the V2 steering wheel on the PC in PC mode. Base and steering wheel were recognized by the game. Now I have bought the "Podium Steering Wheel Porsche 911 GT3 R". When I have this steering wheel on the base and start the game, the entire base is no longer recognized by the game. If I start the game with the V2 steering wheel connected and then switch to the Porsche steering wheel, there is no failure of the base. Only the problem that there is a different key assignment. Why is the whole base no longer recognized when I start the game with the Porsche steering wheel connected? Does anyone know the problem or does someone have a solution for me, thanks.


  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator, DD Beta Tester, PHub Beta Tester, P BME beta tester
    edited September 2020

    Have you loaded the correct profile for the other steering wheel? RR is a bit buggy like that and that you either have to restart the game, load a saved profile for the wheel or map a new profile if you haven't already done so. It will not auto load when swapping a wheel.

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