The DD1 for PS4 is advertised as "...matched compatibility with the CSL Elite..." Yet it lacks 2 modes the CSL Elite wheelbase has.

The purple and yellow compatibility modes were essential to play Dirt Rally, the ONLY PS4 fully VR racing title, currently. I bought the PS4 DD1 with the intention of playing mostly rally games, WRC 8/9, Dirt Rally/2.0. I booted up Dirt Rally on PS4 mode and started a race, as soon as I left the start, I felt nothing. The wheel recognized the rotations I was doing but no feedback from the road surface. I was a bit shocked but I remembered my CSL Elite wheelbase needed to be in Purple or Yellow mode for the game to work properly, I switched the DD1 to "PS4 Comp" and figured I was good. Unpaused the game and still. Nothing.

No other modes worked. I looked online and couldn't find a way to switch to a secret mode.

Then, just recently I thought I might look to see if there was a recommended fanatec setting for the Podium DD1 and Dirt Rally, there was NOTHING! Dominic (Fanatec community manager) even stated its not possible since the DD1 PS4 wheelbase lacks the compatibility mode that the CSL Elite has...

The top-of-the-line Podium series should not lack any features an entry level wheelbase has. Especially since it is something I assume could be added in a firmware update.


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